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Blind Owl Blues is the groundbreaking story of Canned Heat founder Alan "Blind Owl" Wilson. Legendary for his hard-core blues scholarship combined with an adventurous, innovative spirit, the Blind Owl created classic masterpieces like "Going Up the Country" and "On the Road Again". He has also been remembered as a tormented genius, whose life was illuminated by creative brilliance but overshadowed by personal demons, leading to a mysterious death at the young age of 27.

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At last, the enigmatic Blind Owl's story is told.

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About the Author

Rebecca WintersRebecca Davis became intrigued by the music of Alan Wilson over twenty years ago, while in her teenage years. In the biography Blind Owl Blues, she documented his life and explored his artistic accomplishments, creative genius, and mysterious death. Since publication, the book has sold hundreds of copies worldwide and continues to receive positive reviews from fans, musicians and critics alike.

Rebecca is a freelance writer, consultant, jewelry crafter, and Runeologist. She lives in New England, where she enjoys listening to music and taking walks in natural environments. She offers handcrafted, custom designed crystal power pendants and unique jewelry items through her website at

The book is available at the website: Blind Owl Bio.

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Russ Montney

Rebecca would like to thank the late Russ Montney for his many contributions to the study and preservation of Alan Wilson's music. Russ was a musician, chess champion, theological scholar, and a devoted Canned Heat historian. He created a number ofRuss Montney groundbreaking web pages in Alan's honor and published studies of his guitar tunings, song keys, life chronology, and other areas of interest. Russ was also the driving force behind the First Annual Alanological Convention of 2010. Later that year, he passed away suddenly, leaving behind a legacy of music scholarship and true friendship. His keen intellect, lively wit, and kind, generous spirit are greatly missed.

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