Save the Redwoods

Alan’s material needs were few. He didn’t own a house, his wardrobe was spare, he sometimes wore taped together glasses and his uncashed paychecks occasionally doubled as bookmarks. What was important to him instead was preserving the natural world, particularly the redwood trees. Sadly when he died so, too, did the organization he had initiated dedicated to this purpose.

In order to support his dream, Alan’s family has purchased a “grove naming” in his memory through the Save the Redwood League of California. The money gifted to create this memorial to Alan will be used by the League to support redwood reforestation, research, education, and land acquisition of both new and old growth redwoods. Once the grove is selected, a dedication plaque bearing his name will be placed there and we will post it’s location on this website. We hope it will serve as a living, tangible remembrance of Alan; a place his family, friends, and fans may enjoy visiting someday to feel Alan’s spirit and share his reverence for the “tallest living things on Earth, nearly the oldest, and among the most beautiful to boot.”

If you would like to make a donation to help preserve Alan's beloved Redwoods , please click on the Redwood Grove link here:

Alan's Grove
Alan Wilson Grove

Gifts in tribute to Alan Wilson will support the League’s Redwood Land Program to be used by the League to fund programmatic activities such as comprehensive redwood land conservation through acquisition of land and conservation easements, restoration, stewardship, support and promotion of scientific research and education regarding redwood forest lands.

"Throughout the League’s history, grove dedications have beenRedwoods Leauge instrumental to our work of preserving the ancient redwoods that Alan so loved. His family’s decision to dedicate this special place in the forest continues both a personal and an environmental legacy. Their tribute helps to ensure that the peace, perspective and sense of awe that comes from the ancient redwood forest is kept alive forever, and I cannot think of a more fitting way to honor such an ambassador of these great trees. "

–Ruskin K. Hartley, Executive Director, Save the Redwoods League

Redwoods Please click this Redwood to view pictures from The Grove of Old Trees, Sonoma County, California